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2022 FUTURE ART AWARDS: The Digital Awakening

An arts-based exploration and interrogation of meta-futures.

Open Call For Art Theme

As human beings begin to shift away from the physical world in favor of virtual and augmented realities, the world of art stands at the center of a global movement where immersive worlds, online avatars, and the advent of a digital blockchain-based-future will inevitably have a profound impact on art, culture, politics, activism and the economy.

The 4th Annual Future Art Awards: The Digital Awakening is an open call to U.S. artists from all walks of life and creative expressions wishing to use their art to reimagine what a high-tech, highly connected future metaverse could look that is also deeply human. Just like the rest of us, artists are witnessing the impact and demand for NFTs, and many of them want to get involved despite concerns over the inclusivity, representation and sustainability standards of this new space. This is our open call to an emerging field, recognizing that artists will have a profound impact on the shaping of important ideas, values and themes in the crypto-art space, propelling the future trajectory of the NFT art ecosystem.

Previous Prize Winners: Future Art Awards artists represent an array of creative expressions, including photographers, painters, sculptors, street artists, muralists, mixed-media artists, visual, multi and interdisciplinary artists, illustrators, animators, 3D artists, cartoonists, technologists, shorts filmmakers, poets, art writers, composers, weavers, dancers, and creative performers. Whether you are an aspiring NFT artist, an emerging or established NFT artist, or an artist that does not wish to engage in the NFT space directly, but would still like to creatively contribute their perspective on this new world, all submissions from all U.S. artists are welcome.

Collectively, all selected artists will receive prize honoraria and will showcase their winning artworks in a curated virtual exhibition opening free to the public in Fall 2022.

Art Prizes Include:

2022 Future Art Award (10 x $2,500 Awards)

Open to all U.S. artists of any creative practice and medium, regardless of their interest or experience in the NFT space.

2022 Future Art NFT Award (10 x $2,500 Awards)

Open to all U.S aspiring and established NFT artists. *Aspiring NFT artists who receive this award will be provided with mentorship and technical support from MOZAIK Philanthropy to sell their winning artwork as an NFT with zero gas fees.

2022 Future Art NFT Collection Award (5 x $5,000 Awards)

Open to all U.S. NFT artists with a *collection of 30 to 10,000 artworks. *Artists who receive the collection award will select up to 5 pieces to show in the Future Art Awards curated exhibition.


All U.S. artists are welcome, including aspiring, emerging and established NFT artists. Open to all art Mediums/Platforms/Marketplaces/Cryptocurrencies. BIPOC and other historically underrepresented artists are encouraged to submit their art. Free to submit!


All submissions are evaluated by an independent jury of artists and arts professionals in a blind review process, including featured and special mention artists and art writers from previous Future Art Awards and Future Art Writer Awards, modeling a circular economy where previous prize-winners ‘pay it forward’ to the next generation of grantees in the arts. All projects are viewed and judged randomly and anonymously using Submittable to ensure unbiased and fair judging.

About The Awards

The 2022 Future Art Awards: The Digital Awakening honors outstanding contemporary artworks, individual NFTs as well as NFT collections for creative excellence across the following categories: originality, personality, quality of composition, creativity, skills, concepts of activism, justice or representation, overall emotional impression and adherence to the awards’ theme: The Digital Awakening.

Award Recognition Benefits

All successful entrants will receive the 2022 Future Art Award personalized NFT Winner’s laurel, and are entitled to use it for commercial purposes to promote their winnings. Receiving a Future Art Award is a significant achievement and ensures that the award winners will receive exhibition in a curated virtual exhibition, a special mention in a national press release, opportunities for published review of their works in the MOZAIK E-ZINE, and a promotional tool-kit to publicize their achievements.

MOZAIK Philanthropy recognizes, respects, and protects the IP rights of creators.


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